Repair Recycle Throw C.18.11.05

Do you repair an item, recycle it or throw it? This is an interesting question because I have seen simple things ditched because of a small problem.

This is a shallow example, but I have a friend who when she loses a button or a seam in a shirt splits, she throws the item away. This does not exclude expensive pieces either. For some reason she does not see that a button can be sewn back on and a seam can be repaired.

I have another friend who hoards everything and years later will alter a garment to remodel it to todays fashion and it looks fabulous.

In this disposable world we tend to chuck something out rather than repair or recycle. And this is such a waste.

I have taken a leaf out of my second friends’ book and have started to repair and recycle – much to my delight. It has become as much of a hobby as it is a welcomed accomplishment.

So, think about it. Rather than throwing out stuff, see if you can repair or recycle. You may surprise yourself.

Happy Celeritism


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