Fact or Fiction C.18.12.04

It is challenging these days to distinguish between facts and the fiction promoted to us. The internet is a wonderful way to source out information, but it too can be full of fact and fiction over a single subject.

The one thing I admire about science – they never claim to be conclusive. This is important because while science can uncover vital evidence in one direction – it can be uncovered years later against that evidence. Mostly because of new techniques or information.

A fact is relevant only in the moment unless there is an argument totally crushing it. Fiction can be an opposite opinion of a fact.

A great example of this is anti-vaxxers and the facts and fictions presented which oppose the medical understanding.

A debate on drugs in both facts and presented fiction also causes opposite convincing results. As a side note, I accept drugs can be very dangerous but at the same time the lighter more practical drugs can be beneficial for cancer sufferers. It is rather a paradox.

Years ago, it was claimed sugar – the white grainy stuff used in your coffee or tea was very bad for you – to only be overturned as being substantially wrong. I suppose this is the science quest where it is never claimed to be conclusive. But the thing is there are a lot of facts and fiction which bounce off these claims.

So, when it comes to fact or fiction – we seriously need to look at the subject in question and then relate it to the moment and circumstance.

Happy Celeritism


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