Queensland Fires and N.S.W. Floods C.18.11.29

The extremes are happening. N.S.W are experiencing major flooding, wind damage with property being battered and destroyed while in Queensland is the opposite story.

Queensland in the North as Deepwater and areas around Agnes Waters and other spot areas are caught in the grip of escaping massive breakouts of fire.

I don’t know which is worse floods or fire. At least with floods you have a better chance. As with fire there is little chance for escape if you are too late.

So, be sensible if you are in a fire risk area then move to safety. And if you are in a flooded area be sensible and stay from danger.

This time of the year always presents a problem so where ever you live, be mindful of natural disasters. It is natures way to resetting the eco system.

Happy Celeritism


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