Alien Ship Sightings C.18.11.28

There seems to be a burst of alien ship sightings and I find this fascinating. First of all, I read recently of pilots witnessing UFO’s crossing their flight paths and then there is footage of angular shaped objects straddling the lightning in an apparent recharging look.

With the smartphone so readily available getting footage of unusual objects is easier.

I find it intriguing and have always keep my options opened to their existence. There seems to be hotbed sights of activities and for once I would like to witness something this extreme, so I can feel confident in its existence.

If there are alien UFO’s investigating this planet, we should never assume they come in peace. We should always entertain caution.

My thinking is that the origin of the god concept was initiated by an alien encounter because otherwise how could anyone come up with such a ridiculous notion except to wield control and dominance.

Yes, I am fascinated with UFO sightings particularly when witnessed by many people at the same time.

Happy Celeritism


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