Happiness C.18.11.26

Can happiness be measured? In a way it can. You do not need to be rich or lucky but rather content with your life.

Not everyone wants to live a fast pace life. Most people are happy to go with the flow and having simple things around them.

Money certainly contributes to happiness because the only way to live is to have money.

But you can make the effort to be happy and it can be simple. Stepping out each day and making everything you do enjoyable. If you dislike your work, then leave and if you can’t leave for what ever reason then change your attitude toward your work.

Happiness is how you view your life and your world. If you can find all the good things rather than the bad, then happiness begins to creep in.

Happiness is a state of mind and you can make your life easier by not expecting it big but rather accepting what you have and then making the most of it.

You are in control of your happiness and you can make changes to enhance a happy life.

Happy Celeritism


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