Scammers C.18.11.15

Can you imagine – it has been suggested that around $1million dollars has been paid to scammers, according to the ATO, in Australia.  

It is very difficult sometimes to differentiate between genuine callers and scammers. They are threatening and convincing.

I have taken on a no information policy. It is the only way to safeguard in any situation. I get scam callers daily and on a regular basis they make their approach differently and convincingly.

When it comes to scammers and to protect yourself – take the, sorry no information over the phone policy. All correspondence to be done by mail or in person. Then, if there are any genuine calls, they still have the opportunity to make contact.

When this whole scam thing was new several years back it was easy to get caught but with the bombardment of scams it is much easier to spot them.

Be smart, give out no information over the phone, unless you initiated the call.

Happy Celeritism


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