Asian Accommodation C.18.11.14

In this world where people compete to have big homes and wasted space, it fascinates me that in many places in Asia – 20 people can live in one room.

This example I am speaking about is Hong Kong. In such a lively city, one which appears to never sleep – people live in crowded accommodation. Whole families of 6 or 8 live in one average bedroom size room. They have bunks stacked to the ceiling and cooking areas are crammed in a corner, not to mention a washing and toilet area no more than a spot in a nook.

Space will be a growing issue in the future. The luxury of spacious living particularly in the cities will be dramatically limited.

Pod style accommodation is rapidly growing in places like Hong Kong, but the thing is the concept has been modernized to house up to 20 people in a small space with all the shared conveniences neatly and cleanly set out.

It is the push on the shortage of accommodation which has opened ideas for self-contained pod style living. Stacking people two levels high and up to 4 wide-wise along a wall with shared amenities. This could be the future for many over crowded cities around the world. The luxury of space is becoming limited.

The pod style accommodation goes hand in hand with the tiny house concept. Things are getting smaller.

Happy Celeritism


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