Recycling Clothes D.18.11.10

What is the big deal when well publicized people wear an outfit a second time. Like for instance Kate Middleton, she recycles a dress from years ago and people go – a gust.

Charles, her British father in law and the next in line to the self-imposed throne of England stands for environmental issues. And yet the world gasp when a member of the family recycles their clothes.

The whole idea of this is stupid. Clothes should not be worn once but used and enjoyed repeatedly.

I re-wear my clothes as most of the population of this world, so if it is good enough for us then it is good enough for everyone.

I am pleased Kate is sensible enough to re-wear her clothes and please stop expecting that clothes should only ever be worn once.

If the environment is a hot topic then recycling clothes should be on top of the list.

Happy Celeritism


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