Titles of Importance C.18.11.07

I continue to marvel how in the case of royal families around the world that they live with their titles of importance.

I have no issue with earned titles like doctors, teachers, engineers, professors and Mr and Mrs for instance. But I do find it a joke when people who have propelled themselves to importance because of a wealthy family inherited title.

I would never bow to another human being because I consider everyone equal. I will, however, acknowledge an individual who has accomplished recognition whether it be from study, research or invention or a recognizable success.

Call this as you please – but why do we have to be subject to the title of commoner and by all appearances have to look up to another human being who because of family wealth – the rest of us are considered – less.

You do all realize that the people who pose as royalty and expect worship are the descendants of mostly men who murdered and took the lands of the common people to propel themselves as lords over the population.

They earned their title from blood shed through murder, while at the same time robbing the people of their lands, crops and wealth.

They glorified themselves by lifting their existence to royalty – this is a self-claim title they bestowed upon themselves. Then over many generations their power grew from fear. They grew armies to lord over the people.

So, really these people running around costing the tax payers millions of dollars are self-promoted people with a family history of violence and control. And today people – the common people – that is you and I have to look up to these people and bow to them.

Think about it? What exactly are you worshipping in these very wealthy people?

Happy Celeritism


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