Meghan and Harry on Tour in Australia C.19.10.20

It was stated that Meghan is an actress and on her Australian tour she is acting. I noticed she still glams up wearing false eyelashes.

I think that is a statement which can’t be denied. Afterall she does have the moves down to pat.

I think within the mix there is the adrenalin with the excitement – Afterall in her new position everyone is beneath her. Yes, that is correct, from Meghan and Harry’s position we are commoners. This makes them above us.

This brings into question the idea of equality because from where they stand, the rest of us are not equal to Meghan and Harry or the rest of their family – and I don’t care how humble they pretend to be or the strict rules they impose on themselves to pretend they are superior.

I think a lot of people miss an important point. Meghan and Harry carry inherited titles from a family who back in ancient times raped and pillaged the people and lands to take ownership.

They self -appointed themselves important and since they have accumulated obnoxious wealth and demanded self-admiration and worship. Everyone has to bow to them and call them royal highnesses – And what people don’t realise is that a lot of it is at the expense of the tax payers.

So, besides being obnoxiously wealthy and carry self-indulgent inherited titles they still drain, what they call us the common people of our tax money to lavish their travelling lifestyles.

This is not about admiration, Afterall what have they contributed? This is about self-absorption and expected worship, after all you have to bow and call them Your Royal Highness which makes us less in their eyes.

Sorry, but all that money spent on their luxury holidays and so-called good will tours would be much better spent on education and hospitals and yes what about age pensions for those people who have worked all their lives.

Why is there so much support for a family who are more wealthy than you or I can ever imagine, are supported on their travels from tax dollars from hard working people, pretend to be humble and yet live obnoxiously lavish lives and then expect us to bow and worship, and call them royal highness to place them up on an underserving and unearned pedestal.

Think about it!

Happy Celeritism


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