Wedding Dramas C.18.10.17

Getting married is a big deal but going over the top is crazy. Yes, this is a once in a lifetime, but for some people, once in a multiple time.

Getting married is special. Special is the operative word here because too often it goes to extreme. And for what? Most of the time it will probably end in divorce.

The truth is, too much money, too much stress and way too much extreme goes into planning a wedding. There is often a prima donna on one end and rivalry on the other.

Marriage is a personal choice. Getting marriage should be the icing on a romantic choice. It is a shame because the better wedding is the simpler (and massively less expensive) choice.

Marriage is about two people. And here’s a thought – rather than spending thousands of dollars and chancing pissing people off – why don’t you put the money you are complaining about spending toward a house. Or are you so obnoxiously wealthy that you don’t care, in which case – have all the wedding dramas. It will be a stressed ordeal in itself.

Look, I enjoy a nice wedding and I enjoy a simple wedding where I am not expected to fork out thousands just to attend. So, in consideration to everyone else – keep it simple.

Happy Celeritism


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