Organic Naturally C.18.10.15

This is one of the funniest things that has gone crazy and that is the “food that is Organic”. The trouble with this is that, all foods are organic!

You see, even you are organic.

The use of the word organic or organically grown is a misrepresentation because everything is organically grown unless of course it is made of metal.

Organic foods label is a misrepresentation of organic. I think what the grower is trying to say is that it is pest free foods because all foods are organic otherwise you could not eat them.

So, this is not a matter of a label but rather a blind sell, which often costs more. All organisms are organic, hence the word.

So, the next time you see a sign that says organically grown, don’t pay extra for it because the next shop that does not show such a ridiculous sign has equally organic produce without the insane higher price tag.

Now, if the sign says pest free veggies, well that is a much better description of the true intention of the product – of course provided they are genuinely pest free.

Happy Celeritism


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