Judged by Looks C.18.09.28

Everyone does it. We judge by how a person looks. If they look dangerous we judge this way and it is really unfair for those people who are genuinely kind.

Women are favoured because of their looks and often become victims of their own appearance. This can be good in one way but disastrous in most other ways.

Judging by a persons’ looks can be one of the most common errors to have existed. Con people live by their looks and what they can achieve. Beautiful women can take advantage of their looks while handsome men can dangerously con an unsuspecting woman.

And yet, there are beautiful women and men who hide their appearance because they have been misunderstood. Nevertheless, we continue to sus up a person by how they look and often how they dress.

As difficult and challenging as it may seem let us all try not to judge a person on how they look but rather take the time to find out if they deserve the label we have assigned to them.

Happy Celeritism


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