Baptismal Worth C.18.09.23

This will cause a lot of Hoo Haa, but the bottom line is – what is the purpose of a baptismal when all it is – is a ceremony of no worth.

Come on, lets get real. Dunking a person in water in the name of something is just a symbolic action. There is no real power to baptism or any ongoing benefit.

I have witnessed many baptisms and I find them insulting and disturbing. The Catholic tradition fascinates me because the priest does like an exorcism casting out the devil or the original sin from a new born baby before baptism.

You see, the thing is everyone is born pure. It is society which screws up the child as they get older – so why the casting out of a sin which never existed in the first place.

Now, baby naming is different because it is a ceremony which is not laced with promises or false accusations but rather an announcement of a child’s name. Now, that is pure and simple.

Yes, you may say I am offensive, but I would like to say I am greatly offended when I have to witness an innocent child being told they hold a sin and it must be removed before being splashed with water of false promises. I am more offended by witnessing such a cruel and senseless ceremony.

This is not about respect this is about seeing common sense in a ritual which causes anxiety and unnecessary anguish. I say that because at the last baptism I squeamishly attended, I witnessed a woman take the whole possession of the devil thing literally and she was traumatised. So yes, this tradition is offensive to the rest of us who stand back and see the emotional trauma it causes.

The worse part is when I witnessed in another situation when a mother lost her child at birth and she was traumatised by the fact her baby died before he was baptised and that her child would be lost in limbo forever.

These traditions do more harm than good. So, before you become insulted by my comment, may I say, I am expressing my disgust of being insulted first.

I hate seeing people traumatised unnecessarily and it makes me want to speak out…Have a lovely day.

Oh, by the way, no matter what I said to convince the woman at the baptism that she was not possessed with the devil I could not calm her down. I have come home feeling angry and frustrated that such systems are allowed to continue.

Happy Celeritism


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