Cars C.18.09.17

Do you drive a modern or old car? And, does it matter to you? Today there is often a race to own the best and newest car. And then there is the extreme of I don’t care as long as it goes.

Cars, like houses, in the minds of some people have to be the latest and best. I once placed a huge importance on such things but not anymore.

I find it amusing when someone tries to convince me they have the best and latest of something like it puts them on the social climbing ladder.

I think we overspend. We overspend on things that become old very quickly. We no longer appreciate simple things or old still functioning things.

I don’t mind a new sensible car, but I don’t need to buy absolute new because someone somewhere tires of their year or two newish car which I can buy.

We do overindulge. I replace with new when I have to but not because it places me in the eyes of other people on a social ladder.

My car is great, it goes, and I love driving it. When it fails me, I will get another one which looks smart, goes well and serves my purpose without breaking the bank account.

I can see the appeal in vintage and classical cars, they have a charisma and charm about their look.

Happy Celeritism


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