Family Murder/Suicides C.18.09.11

It seems as though there are too many family murder/suicides happening and it begs the question, is this something new or has it been always happening and only because of the media we now know about it.

Human history has a murderous past, that is without doubt but family murders as a unit it seems is happening way too much.

It is hard to know the warning signs because for every report of a family murder/suicide it is the same story. The family seemed normal to the outside world.

What causes these hideous crimes? Are they drug related? Depression related? Or something yet to be identified.

Murder/suicides that involve children is difficult to comprehend but sadly it happens.

If there should be any warning signs, then don’t ignore them because life is precious – speak up. Remember every child should feel safe in a family environment.

Happy Celeritism


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