Over Complaining People at the Airport C.18.09.09

Sydney airport suffered a set back with flights being cancelled because of the weather. And let us not forget – no one can control the weather.

It seems the people who were affected because of the cancelled flights found themselves blaming the airlines.

I have been in situations exactly like this and from first hand experience I would hate to be a staff member at the end of people’s abuse. I can understand them firing back with anger because, lets face it, a person can only take so much.

It seems when problems happen everyone expects it to resolve instantly and without patients.

Well, can I say, yes stuff happens and yes being laid over for hours on end with luggage lost in carousal country is trying on the nerves. But think about it, stuff happens, and abusing staff or accusing them for not being prepared for disasters is a mindless and selfish approach. It will not fasten things it only makes the situation worse.

I have found myself sleeping upright at an airport due to weather circumstances and what I have done is made a bad situation the best I can and know that eventually it will be fixed.

Some people are just rude, impatience and expect the impossible… For goodness sake have some thought for the staff who have to put up with your crap. They did not cause the weather to turn, which caused the flights to cancel, they are just trying to do their job. And if they are rude to you, it is probably because they were abused too many times.

Patients you customers from hell!

Happy Celeritism


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