Child Strokes C.18.09.07

I had no idea children could have a stroke until I read about a 6-year-old boy who did.

After the doctors did some neurological tests they found that the child had a stroke.

This is devastating for any parent to hear this type of news and particularly since it has always been considered that a stroke was only for the elderly.

The child had deteriorated rapidly, he couldn’t walk, his speech became slow and he lost coordination.  

Knowing that a child can have a stroke is important and like me had no idea this was even possible.

Luckily, it is being established a better education system not only for paramedics but also emergency doctors to be aware of the signs.

It is also helpful for parents to be aware that such things can occur. Childhood strokes are not common and yet it is ranked up there as one of the top 10 killers of children.

The Stroke Foundation recommends the FAST test. Is there facial weakness, arm weakness, speech difficulty? If your child has any of these symptoms you need to take them to hospital as soon as possible.

Sometimes it is difficult to give a reason why a healthy child can suffer a stroke and knowing this it cannot be ruled out that another one can occur.

The message here is that a stroke is not limited to older people, but anyone can have a stroke including a very young child. And remember the quicker you respond to an emergency the better the chances are for a stroke victim.

Happy Celeritism


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