Reading a Sad Family Story C.18.08.14

It is a sad reality when a family member takes advantage of another family member… It happens.

I was reading this morning how a granddad was thrown out of his own home by his granddaughter. A home he built.

Somehow the granddaughter managed to transfer the deeds of the property out of her granddads name and was able to drain his savings account, including his pension.

How was this done? From what I have read his signature was forged.

The matter is now in the hands of the police.

How does greed get so great that it causes such a family horror? If we knew the answer to this then something could be done before it got out of hand.

We cannot blame the system or society but instead acknowledge there are some very devious people who live with excessive greed even when it comes to family.

It is difficult for the authorities to uncover such frauds in the making because they are done so well, so no one is to blame except the culprits.

When something like this happens, society needs to step in and punish the wrong doers and I hope for this man’s sake that is exactly what happens. And the worse of it, this man has advanced cancer and the granddaughter supposedly was his carer receiving an entitlement from the government.

Happy Celeritism


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