Money Dependence C.18.08.07

We can budget, and we can be sensible, but the bottom line is we cannot live without it. We need money to live.

Living is not cheap and although with a bit of sensible workings we can live within our means.

Happiness is a state of mind and provided we have got our act together we can make life good.

We depend on money and that is that. It is world where it costs to be born and it costs to die and in between it is very expensive.

Whoever send happiness doesn’t cost money was probably wealthy because we need a bit of cash to make us happy.

Balance is the answer and not too much focus on what we don’t have. I balance all the time but then I sit back and think, well I make it work and from that I am happy.

Money dependence is a fact of life, but it is how you deal with it which makes you happy.

Happy Celeritism


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