Instant Hate and Instant Like C.18.08.05

This one puzzles me. I came out of the supermarket yesterday, minding my own business, when a woman brushed past me muttering – thanks ass…..

I have absolutely no idea what her problem was or why she splattered cruel words at me.

I looked up and she gave me a crazy eyed look. I have no idea what triggered this episode.

After speaking with some friends, it seems, I am not the first to experience random rants. It seems this world is producing people who hate at an instant.

I cannot comprehend this, and it puzzles me why I became a victim of someone’s disapproval without even knowing why.

I retraced my movements in my head and from collecting my shopping, going out through the check out and exiting the supermarket nothing remarkable happened.

I think it comes down to some people instantly hate, I suppose the same way some people instantly like. There is simply no explanation.

Happy Celeritism


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