How You Spend C.18.08.04

It is all about how you live your lifestyle. No one needs to be poor. It is all about how you spend your money.

Many people waste their money and then cry – I am poor, or I have no money – as they admire the very expensive item they just purchased or drinking down excessive or expensive food and drinks.

If you are smart you can budget and live within your means. I have a lot of people around me who constantly moan about how they have no money. I have one friend – a woman – who constantly declares she cannot live on what she earns and yet can afford to have her nails and hair done constantly and is always in new clothes – let alone eating out all the time.

I live sensibly and within my means. I don’t spend if I cannot afford something and always watch what I buy with regard to food. I consider myself average and I know of people who earn way more and yet cannot manage their money.

I know there are a lot of excuses but to me they are lame. If you are on a fixed income, then live within your means. And when things are good then treat yourself to a night out or fashion shop. In the meantime, live sensibly.

You are – how you spend.

Happy Celeritism


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