The Royals Beatrice and Eugenie Being Normal! C.18.08.03

Coming up in the Vogue Magazine is an article regarding the sisters Beatrice and Eugenie, the granddaughters of Elizabeth 11.

I am fascinated how they want to live normal lives and yet by all accounts they flaunt the very fact they belong to royalty.

It is a hard life they say because they are criticized for taking excessive holidays and well – live the high life.

The person from that Family who I consider normal would be their cousin Zara. Zara is equally the granddaughter of Elizabeth 11 and because she is born to a princess and not a prince – the title of princess was not handed to her. I do understand Elizabeth did offer it to her daughter who refused it wanting Zara to live a normal life and normal it truly is.

Zara is my favourite because she belongs to the royal family and yet being normal – she is it. Zara appears well grounded and not show offy.

As for Beatrice and Eugenie that is very different they pose for their position and their body language spells – we are better than you.

No Beatrice and Eugenie if you are truly genuine about being one of the rest of us – then drop all your crap. Other than that, we don’t want to hear about your sad privilege life.

Even Eugenie will milk it on her wedding day with the carriage ride in the street. The rest of us do it NORMAL.

Expect the flack while ever you pretend, behave like spoilt brats. Oh, and by the way I do not consider any person belonging to royalty to be better than us everyday people. They are just wealthy people with attitude. And I would never and I mean never bow to another human being or acknowledge a hereditary title.

Again, Rant over – I am doing a lot of that lately…

Happy Celeritism


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