Repetitive Strain Injury C.18.07.30

Do you text too much or spend too much time on your laptop or tablet? If you do it is possible you have experienced Repetitive Strain Injury.

This is when you continue to use the same muscles over and over again causing a bruising strain.

It can be that in the case of mobile phones it is your thumb or even fingers cramping up and experiencing pain. But, it can also be the numbing pain that goes up your arm to your shoulder and neck.

When this happens, you cramp with pain. It is then time to see a doctor for some serious consultation.

The pain can sometimes be at it’s most difficult when you sleep particularly if the strain is in your neck and shoulders. Finding a comfortable pain free position can be very challenging.

The trick is – to not put any more pressure on the already strained area. This means then, altering your routine and not using the offending technology, well at least, not too often. And when you sleep move till you find a place where you place no strain on the existing sprain.

This is a new age technology injury, so be sensible and take note of the warning twinge signs of pain.

Happy Celeritism


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