People are Too Sensitive C.18.07.28

If it is not about someone making an aboriginal joke it is about certain dark-skinned gangs. People are getting too sensitive.

I think if people have difficulty with accurate descriptions then I see no problem with “that white skinned person did this”.

I think saying someone is from a certain ethnic group causing problems or a certain skin colour making issues – I see that as a description not a racists remark.

We have become too sensitive to words, words which are descriptive. It is so much easier if there has been a gang rape that the offenders be described by their look and appearance. So, if there is an Indian group causing a problem, call them out as Indian and not as just a group of gang rapist.

I, for one would like to know if there is a certain ethnic group terrorising my neighbourhood and not using a correct description is mis-leading.

Enough of these racists accusations, if there is danger, whatever the colour or ethnic background, the rest of us have the right to know. This is not being racists or any other fancy word, it is being descriptive.

I look at people and see different colours and ethnic backgrounds, this does not make me a racist, it makes me observant to the variations of the beautiful people around me.

So, if it is a white group, a black group or a certain ethnic group causing trouble in my neighbourhood be complete in your description, so I can be aware to be aware.

Happy Celeritism


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