Homelessness C.18.07.20

With the rising cost of living, more and more people are finding themselves on the streets. It is ridiculous in this modern age to be surrounded by high basic bills.

Things like electricity, water, rent, food – the very basics are very difficult to keep up with. The only consolation is the food wars between the supermarket giants.

Competition brings down prices and this is something which should be encouraged because more and more people are not being able to afford to have the basics for living.

Camping areas, caravan parks and even family cars are becoming the mode of accommodation for too many people. The streets flickered with homeless people just wanting to survive.

Donations are a big deal and I have to say this. The church (all of them) with their massive charity campaigns are really in the ideal situation to give up their own wealth to the poor. The church keeps asking for more, so they can be in a luxurious life while they sit on bank accounts busting with funds.

I call upon all the churches of all the dominations to cough up the billions upon trillions of your money and feed the poor and homeless. After all they are sitting on tax free funds.

Happy Celeritism


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