Scams C.18.07.14

We have to be continuously vigil because particularly on the internet people are out to scam you.

Scams are monetary or prize-winning temptations. People love to win money or receive a prize or sell an item with a high price tag only to get scammed.

Caution must be heeded. Scammers do not care about your personal situation they are only out to get what they can from you. And this can happen to people thinking they are helping someone in need who relieves them of their savings. Don’t get sucked into sad stories.

One of the methods is a fraudulent PayPal accounts (this still remains a safe system, provided you follow up the transaction and not act on trust – sadly scammers are finding ways around it) and some people need to be diligent to check you have received monies for goods before shipping. Another system is the buyer/scammer asks for bank details requesting information which can cause a problem.

I know that we expect certain systems should be safe but sadly scammers are getting cunning and better at their fraud.

So, be on the alert and watch for tell-tale signs – if something seems too simple to be true or too suspicious to feel good. Then see the red flag.

Just be careful and although these scammers are improving their technique we need to be very watchful as well.  

Happy Celeritism


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