Child Marriages C.18.07.06

It continues – Child Marriages. It still goes on taking young girls around the age of 11 years to be hauled off and made to marry old men. Well, men sometimes around their 40’s.

It is sickening to think young girls are removed from their innocents and deprived of the childhood to satisfy the needs of what can only be described as dirty old men. Men who have sex on their minds and destroying the lives of young innocent girls.

This hideous crime is not limited to any singular region but rather can be happening in the modern western countries behind the backs of society.

Every person and every young girl deserves a choice in life. Child brides have had their youth removed from them and handed over to men who in many incidents abuse and disrespect their existence.

Let us stand up against the cruel actions of child forced marriages and bring these culprits to justice.

Happy Celeritism


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