Reading Faces C.18.07.02

We all do it. We read a face and then judge it. It is human nature. One person can instantly dislike another person simply by looking at a person. I have had it done to me and it is creepy.

I actually had a lady in a supermarket, yes, a supermarket standing behind me and when I turned she blurted out she did not like me. I looked at her weirdly and next she announced she didn’t like my face.

I thought to myself after that incident, I suppose I do the same except I don’t tell a stranger I don’t like them because of their face. That is insensitive.

The thing is we can read a face wrongly. How a person looks is not necessarily a description of their personality. Perhaps all a face can tell you is how well they are groomed – Or a worried or hurt or angry from something but not who they are.

So next time you judge a face, try to get to know the person you may be pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised.

Happy Celeritism


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