Drones C.18.06.21

Drones are making a dramatic mark on the world. They are being used for sensible things like rescue. Finally, something that is considered a toy is being used to save people’s lives.

Drones being able to skirt around in the sky can zoom in on places people are limited to venture. It is with this remarkable skills people have been rescued at sea and in the bush.

There are laws in place as to where drones can fly, and the average person cannot set one up in the sky to spy or stalk friends or neighbours. There are new laws protecting people’s privacy.

Equally drones cannot be flown in flight paths so the dangers to aircrafts are being protected. But when it comes to the use of drones to save a life, I think this is brilliant.

Of all the technological inventions, drones would have to be at the top of the list for its practical use.

Happy Celeritism


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