Homophobic Remarks C.18.06.17

This is strictly wrong. Any remark of a negative and damaging nature is not acceptable.

Homophobic Remarks are slipping out of the mouths of people in the media spotlight and it is very sad that a personal opinion, a hurtful opinion, can be so damaging to so many people.

I don’t know what makes one person think their negative opinions of gay should be voiced. Every person regardless of their sexual preference has the right to be happy. For those people who are against the gay life have no need to worry. The gay community are not asking them to partner up with a same sex person, if fact, they leave them alone. The same way they are asking to be left alone.

So, the next time you feel inclined to be hurtful, may I suggest you keep those scathing remarks to yourself.

Homophobic remarks are not acceptable.

Happy Celeritism


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