One Child Policy in China C.18.06.12

It was very difficult to read about the policy of one child per family in China. If I have read correctly, the law was relaxed to two children a couple of years ago.

The thinking that a woman did not have control over her own body is difficult enough but realizing that those women who became pregnant without permission for the second child or more were forced to abort even at birth -must have been gut wrenching.

Imagine a hospital being forced to murder babies at birth because they were the second born and were not allowed to survive. That number – 360 million foetuses and babies killed because of the law since 1979.

This is devastating, not to mention traumatic for both mother and father.

The ruling was to curb the population growth but at the same time it also intruded on the freedom of life and choice – a very damaging human right, neglected.

Yes, population is a point of discussion but murder of infants to enforce this policy is morally corrupt.

China are altering this policy, but it doesn’t sweep under the carpet the millions of lives this policy has already affected.

Happy Celeritism


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