Weird Behaviour C.18.06.08

What is it that fuels weird behaviour? Some people gravitate toward fads like witchcraft or cult like followings.

When I look around I often ask, “am I the only normal person I know”. Yes, it is ironic but there are certainly some weird people in this world.

I have never been pulled toward weird following, even religion I have always rejected, mostly because how could some guy be born from a virgin and die on a cross and live again – to what avail? And demanded worship. When something does not make sense, no matter how anyone tries to make sense of it, I cannot accept.

The thing is, some people live with weird behaviour. The whole alien abduction and people walking amongst us from misplace places – is more spooky than weird.

I think the simple life of unconfused living is more enjoyable than the doo doo of some weirdness.

Hey, what ever makes you happy, enjoy your life it is very short. Just try to avoid weird.

Happy Celeritism


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