Protocol? C.18.05.28

Now that is a buzz word if ever I have heard one – protocol. It seems that in the life of British elite there is a certain protocol to be had – in other words this places them above everyone else in the world.

Being polite or being respectful is a self-motivated initiative but following a strict protocol is strongly a dictatorship.

Well if these people think themselves more important than anyone else because they are the British elite than serves themselves right for claiming their rule fuelled righteousness.

Imagine asking permission to marry someone you love or asking permission to take a vacation or worse still being separated on travel because you are so important being next in line to a family throne.

I think it is high time these people step off their self-elected pedestal and realise there is a real world around them. While they wallow in their wealth there are starving people in need who could do with a genuine hand. Not just attending special functions but actually financially helping. And you do know the British government financially supports this wealthy family as if they need it. Think how that tax earned money could be redirected into health and education instead of feathering an already very wealthy family.

It would seem their public protocol image did not include extra marital affairs (as in what Dianna had to endure) or drunken disorderly behaviour (as Harry in his younger years) And there are a few many more to that – all of which one or another of them protocol followers have indulged in.

It is one thing to follow a dress rule but rather another to follow a behaviour rule.

Yes, I find the whole thing amusing and concerning.

Happy Celeritism


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