Racist Fad Crap C.18.05.27

Between religion and race it is all going beyond a joke. Being offended is just a major joke. I am tired of it and I think many people will agree with me.

I was reading how during the wedding of Harry and Meghan it was said that the black man playing the cello was wonderful. And this was marked as racist…

In my mind that is correct, some people are black, some are white and every shade in between.

If someone was to say that white guy and he is white – so what. I think this whole racist thing is going too far. We have aborigines who want to be acknowledged and separated – so who is the racists? In my mind if you are Australian you are Australian, be it black, white or aboriginal.  If you play a cello and you are black then you are black, if you play a cello and you are white than you are white – what is the difference. If I talk to an Asian, then the person is Asian, if I talk to a white person, then the person is white.

This racists deal is going too far, and I am tired of the caption of “being politically correct”. The truth is we are making a bigger deal by pointing it out rather than letting a clean straight forward identification be recognised. Instead it is being pulled apart as though a speech error has been made.

By your racism criticism you are fuelling an unnecessary argument. And by the way I loved the talent of the black guy (I don’t know his name, and this is the only way I can Identify him) playing the cello at the wedding and thought his music brought a beautiful emotion to the occasion. That is a compliment – in case there are those of you who are too stupid to know the difference.

We are citizens of earth and we are all equal regardless of our colour or ideals.

Happy Celeritism


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