Assisted Dying C.18.05.11

Euthanasia is a difficult subject to discuss at any time and without doubt there are opinions on both sides of the fence.

This is a discussion I will not begin to enter because I have never been in the situation where this choice has been brought to me.

My reasoning for bringing up the subject is the recent publication of the assisted death of scientist Professor David Goodall.

At the age of 104 years he made the choice to end his own life. He was in acceptable health for his age, but his body had failed him, and this made him feel he was ready for death. A remarkable choice.

Professor Goodall was an Atheists and did not recognize the belief in the afterlife. Therefore, he was fully aware that death meant – the end.

In unison with his position as a non-believer he had no wish for a funeral, remembrance ceremony or any afterlife fuss.

Professor had his family around him in his final days and as emotional as that was, I think, was better than any funeral service could provide.

I like and am fascinated by his approach on life and I wonder if I could make the same choice in his same position – I don’t know. I have valued life for so long, the choice of ending it would be a difficult choice for me. As I have said, I have never been in the situation of this type of choice and honestly do not know how I would decide.

Happy Celeritism


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