Royal Protocols C.18.05.07

Who bows to who is about who is who in the royal circle.

I am an equal opportunist and in my book,  no one bows to anyone for any reason. It is as blunt as that.

But with the upcoming nuptials of Harry and Meghan is if she remains a princess than she would have to bow to lesser royalties unless she is in the company of her hubby Harry, then the lesser bow to her. Sorry but this is hogwash.

This is the order of bowing: From the top The Queen holds the pinnacle position least of all in her mind and those in her family – she bows to no-one. Then Duchess is the highest rank in the English peerage in descending order the ranks go duke/duchess, marquess, earl, viscount, and baron.

I think most of us agree that it is time to drop the all importance of titles and realise that those self-made and self-acclaimed titles really should become redundant.

As much as it is romantic to be a prince or a princess – it really is archaic in this forward-thinking world.

People who earn their titles like doctors, professors, architects and so on are more deserving than the fantasy of Prince, Princess and all the other protocols of antiquity.

Happy Celeritism


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