Men Age Better C.18.05.05

It is almost a known fact – men age much better than women. But on the defence of the woman – many women look fabulous as they gracefully move into later years.  

Aging is a struggle for many people and there are many promises of creams and magic workers to remain young.

I have noticed that it is sometimes about how you walk, how you dress and particularly your hair and for some women – makeup. These noticeable things often enhance the age process.

Attitude holds high on the list for age. It is monitoring the extreme. Some people over do the trying to act young and some people behave like they are much older.

I think how you carry yourself, dress and behave will either put many years on or take many years off your appearance.

In the end, it is how you feel comfortable about yourself with a dash of good genetics.

Happy Celeritism


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