Locked in Tradition C.18.05.03

There is no doubt tradition plays a huge part in the life of many people, particularly those who follow religious beliefs.

As an example, Muslim women who marry from an arrangement must remain with their husbands regardless of the situation. Divorce is available but extremely difficult. Gaining evidence for divorce is more difficult for women than men and the requirements are difficult to fulfil. Civil divorce is easy but Muslims, in particular, need their religious divorce to be complete.

Religion, not only with Muslims but other faiths like Christians play an enormous part in the life of the believer. In some of the Christian world same sex couples are not accepted even if the government have recognized their position. This has led to health issues and often suicide.

Tradition is good in one aspect that it maintains a certain culture but extremely dangerous in the other aspect as it dictates an unfair and unbalanced existence, particularly in the religious world.

Secular life is more simple, cleaner and uncomplicated and in the long term – healthier.

Happy Celeritism


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