Hurtful Opinions C.18.04.29

Opinionated People can cause pain and hurt. The tongue is mightier than the sword and can slice through the inner emotion of any guarded person.

Often, we do not realise the amount of pain we cause with the flick of our comments. We can cause depression in some people, hope in other people, comfort in some people and sheer devastation in other people.

Opinions can cause a great deal of varied emotions so always be careful how you share your thoughts.

Some people wallow in hurting people by making cutting remarks but in doing so should accept this can happen in return. I witnessed this recently from an acid tongue friend who unfortunately made a quip to the wrong person who retaliated with malice. Funny thing is the friend who threw the acid comment first could not cope with the malice retaliation. The look in her eyes showed she had no idea how lethal her tongue was – a lesson learnt.

So be thoughtful about what you say because sometimes it can come back to hurt you.

Happy Celeritism


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