Daily Habits C.18.04.26

We often find ourselves locked into daily duties. We are creatures of habit and it is easy to form habits like washing dishes, making the bed and cleaning the house. Unless of course you are fortunate enough to have these things done for you.

Even if you are waited on you still form your own habits. It may be a particular way you shower and cleanse, it may be a certain way you eat your meals.

Everyone forms habits no matter how humble or how great. This is a good thing because we do form routines in our lives.

No one is ever free from routine because human nature likes foundations. Even the scattiest of people or well-travelled individuals will still have their habits.

So, when you realise you do in fact have habits, embrace it because this is what makes you a part of the earthly population.

Ah yes, it is that time for a cup of tea.

Happy Celeritism


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