History – Is it Correct? C.18.04.22

There is no doubt, history has made us who we are today. We have evolved with the knowledge of our past and it is only the brave who stray away.

But the ever-asked question is – how much of our history is correct? Probably 1% is correct. That is a very low number but remember what we do know is generally from the perspective of the strongest voice.

We must open our minds to possibilities that much of history is wrong. There is no doubt of a general thread, but the details are to be questioned.

I no longer accept history as history but rather as an opinion. We have ancient history books full of opinions and they can be sort as only one part of an overall image.

When you read of history allow yourself to think through the information and give space to alternate ideas. I am not speaking of conspiracy theories but rather some different views about our past.

Scientists are digging up evidence which are beginning to contradict what was once known facts. This is in particular with the middle east and Europe and what was once considered the known world.

Be open to explore alternate uncovering of the past and embrace the idea of new information.  

Happy Celeritism


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