The Methods of War and Control C.18.04.21

There are many methods of control. Civilizations have a history of being controlled by their leaders and it only now we the people are standing up for fairness.

Methods still remain to control individuals and their thinking and some have good value, but many are done with horrid alternatives.

Religion is a method of domination created through war and repression since the beginning of civilization. It continues today with the threat of hell if participation is not given.

I think it is safe to say that all religions have their hold tactics and all of them are man-made.

Mythological followings and beliefs have all been instigated from man-made ideals for a method of war, control for domination.

Slowly as we progress with knowledge and understanding of the world these methods are becoming transparent. Mythologies are being seen for exactly as they are – myths.

Live in the real world and strive for peace, happiness and exploration rather than war, control and dominations.

Happy Celeritism


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