Wealth and Its Importance C.18.04.17

There is no doubt money is important. It is important enough to survive in this everchanging world.

Playing poor is common because people do live day to day and others just survive.

How much money you have is only important to the self because in the grand scheme of things money can buy you a lot.

Many people work their entire lives and end up with nothing and others live life leisurely and end up with wealth.

The medium point is that we should be able to financially support ourselves with enough for little treats and anything above that is a treat. If we make the effort we can be financially comfortable.

We live in good times where government support is available to people who need it and in many cases for people who don’t need it.

Strive for balance and not greed and always remember – when you die you cannot take your money with you.

Happy Celeritism


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