Your Reality C.18.04.15

Do you know we all see reality differently? How the world around us is separated by our thoughts. You will find you focus on different things to me even if we are in the same room looking at the same things.

Reality is a scary thing because we perceive it in a way our brain scrambles information and then sorts it. Everyone views life differently.

What is inside your head is there inside your head and this allows you to prioritize according to your understanding. I will prioritize differently.

To give you an example. If you went to a party and chatted away to the people around you. You may find yourself reliving the night going over what and how you spoke and behaved. Then you may find yourself wondering how the people around you perceived you. The fascinating thing is the people around you that night will probably not focus on what you said or how you behaved because they too are probably going through their own behaviour for the night.

We live inside our own behaviour and unless you do something noteworthy most people would not recall a night the way you would.

It is true, we do live inside our own heads and we do live within our own reality.

Happy Celeritism


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