Age is a Number C.18.04.15

We constantly worry about getting older but as I look around I realize that you can be fabulous in your twenties and you can be enchanting in your 70’s.

I was looking over actresses who were over 70 and the list of names are familiar to most of us, like Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Julie Andrews, Jane Asher, Joan Collins, hey the list goes on.

These women look fabulous and they lead the way to being gorgeous in long life.

I am far from anywhere of these peoples’ ages and already they make me feel dowdy. It is a challenging wonder to look forward to and a wake-up call to never let age win.

It has always been known men age better than woman, but I am seeing the women in this world making their mark and looking fabulous.

Be comfortable as to how you look but if you want to always look your best as you get older then take the time to do so. Cosmetic enhancements are not the answer. It is how you dress and act which makes you look who you are.

Age is a number, so dismiss it and be as you want.

Happy Celeritism


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