Russia and USA C.18.04.13

So now it could be war between the two superpowers. It is a scary thought because if something does break out the rest of the world would suffer.

It seems that these world leaders are not striving for peace but rather for war and that is the unsettling part.

We live in a precarious time where threats have moved from North Korea and USA to now Russia and USA.

When will these leaders behaving like children decide to grow up and make sensible adult decisions. Decision which in the long term have a roll over affect with the rest of the world.

How can we strive for setting aside differences and coming to the table to work on an amicable result.

As the rest of the world sit back and again watch world leaders make decisions which affects the rest of us, we can do our part by not contributing to this affair and deflect any negative outcome.

Can we stand united in the interest of world peace?

Happy Celeritism


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