Scams People Do C.18.04.11

I was reading this morning how a couple in Perth, Western Australia have managed to fool so many people for so long. And I am not criticizing the people who have become the victims but rather the expertise of these tricksters.

Their faces have been splashed across the news. The guy looks of Asian dark-haired appearance (or maybe that is just his squinting eyes) while the woman of fair complexion in perhaps their 30’s or so.

This couple have managed to stay in hotels, motels and dined in very expensive restaurants ranking up $250 meal bills at a time.

Some people have no shame. And I am sure if they were caught they would cry they have no money to repay their debt or come up with some other lame excuse.

While most of us live an honest life, it sickens me when people do bold things like taking advantage of businesses.

It is presumed because a restaurant or hotel/motel looks expensive that they must be rolling in money but unfortunately many businesses are struggling to survive with high output costs. The last thing they need is dishonest clients.

Honesty is the best policy because while ever you keep yourself above reproach then there is never any reason to be approached for dishonest behaviour.

Happy Celeritism  


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