Sleep is Important C.18.04.10

We tend to take sleeping with little consideration. We are very aware when we lack sleep but all too often we tend to ignore continued lack of sleep.

Good health depends upon a good sleep habit. An overall wellbeing is dependent upon regular adequate sleep.

It used to be gauged that a regular 8-hour sleep per day is important and this is something I do subscribe to on as much of a regular basis as possible. But some people can survive on less and others on prolonged hours of sleep.

Quality rather than quantity of sleep in important. We can toss and turn for 8 to 9 hours in a night to wake up feeling wrenched. Alternatively, many people can power nap and feel awake and alive and in good form after a great deal less hours than 8.

Make sure you strive toward a good night sleep every night, it will greatly improve your health.

Happy Celeritism


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