Life is a Story C.18.04.08

Life is a story book. Everyday we live we write our own book of life. We can design how we live our life. Therefore, don’t let anyone else tell you how you should live.

We have one chance at life, we have one chance at a consciousness which is unique to us and when we have gone so is our awareness of life.

Don’t be a tool for someone else, you have the right to be alive and live in your own role cast.

Back in the day people were bullied and told what they can and cannot do, those people lived their lives to the pleasure of the bullies. We live in a new century now where we have the freedom of choice, so make that choice and enjoy.

Live your life the way you feel best and don’t feel you need to justify it to anyone else.  Provided you cause no harm to another living being and you cause no issue or problem for anyone else then you are free to live life as you wish.

Happy Celeritism


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